Nagaland is a land of clouds, mountains, serpentine, rivers, valleys strewn with flowers and colorful people. Topographically, Nagaland is a hilly region with Saramati being the highest peak at 3841 meters.

Place to visit in Nagaland- Dimapur- it is a commercial capital of Nagaland, Sharing its borders with Assam. It is a vibrant city which takes pride in its historical monuments that are now in a state of ruin, but having immense archaeological value. In a day one can experience the ruins of Medieval Kachari Kingdom, Diezephe Craft village, Green Park, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Northeast Zone Cultural Center etc. in Dimapur.

Another city is Kohima it is the capital city of Nagaland and it is not just rich in natural wealth, but also contains a number of villages that tourist can visit. All these villages are ‘communitised’ and managed by the village communities under the State’s Village Tourism Board. In Kohima one can visit The World War II Cemetery, A Traditional Village Kigwema, Khonoma Green Village, the beautiful Dzukou Vally, Tuophema Tourist Village and many beautiful Peaks etc.    

Mokokchung (160 km) is one of the great centres of Ao Naga tradition. The prowess of the Ao warriors is reflected in gorgeous red and black shawls with the white decorated band that signified their victory over their enemies. The two main festivals celebrated here are connected with sowing. Moatsu in early May, Tsungremmong in August. The highlight of Tsungremmong is the tug-of war between the men’s and women’s teams. The famous destinations in Mokokchung are- Ungma, Langpangkong, Molung, Longkhum village, Mopungchuket Village etc.


Mon is a district located in the state of Nagaland. Situated at an altitude of approximately 897.64 meters above sea level, the destination has its headquarters in the town of Mon. On the north, the destination is bounded by state of Arunachal Pradesh, while to the south lies Tuensang District. The district on the east is surrounded by Myanmar, while on the south-west lies Longleng District. The destination is home to several tribes, of which Konyak Nagas is the main tribe. The people of this tribe can be been wearing their traditional clothing, which comprises hear gear, head brushes and necklaces. In addition, they have their faces tattooed.  This tribe is the largest tribe among Nagas and was also among the ones who embraced Christianity. Adept artisans and skilled in the art of making firearms, the people of this tribe are also skilled in making several items like necklaces, baskets and garters with beads. Veda Peak and Naganimora are some of the popular tourist attractions of the destination. In addition, travelers can also explore the villages like Chui, Longwa and Shangynu.