Besides great oceans and heavy seas there are a lot of beautiful rivers, which used to be the ways of civilizations during centuries. Ancient trade itineraries ran down the rivers and now along their banks, ancient towns and the most beautiful landscapes are situated.  
A river cruise is thus the best way to see any country up close and in depth. You can explore the best destinations in the world from an intimate perspective, spending your time being there, not getting there. Such cruises take you deep into the heart of a country, giving you the chance to see the local sights and experience the culture of a region. River cruises cover the major rivers of the world, including Nile, Mississippi, Yangtze, Mekong, Murray, etc.  
The features of river cruises are more calm rhythm of life, than on sea ships or ocean liners, more usual scope of your "houseboat", and the most important thing - calming nearness of "firm land". And at the same time they are sodden with a feeling of being elite, peculiar to any cruises. All this makes river cruises very attractive for admirers of refined and comfortable rest. 
At anchorages you always can get all necessary information about excursions, shopping and cuisine. Docking in the heart of town, you'll have more time to see the cities. You'll experience ever-changing riverside scenery as well as local nightlife when your ship overnights in port. During voyage variety of leisure is provided by professional team of barmen, animators and other service staff. 
River Cruises offer you fine food, great service and scenic cruising along the world's great rivers. Dining aboard vessels is one of the great pleasures of cruises. 
Traditional afternoon tea offers a variety of sweet, delicious pastries. Every evening, international cuisine and local specialties are served in the restaurants. You enjoy fabulous dinners prepared by master chefs. If you have dietary requirements or a favorite dish or if you want to celebrate a birthday or anniversary - don't worry! All your wishes will be performed. 
After the day trips ashore, return to the ease of your river vessel without the burden of packing and unpacking. Settle into a cozy lounger on deck and watch as ancient castles, storybook villages and magnificent cities appear before your eyes. Relax with fellow passengers in the lounge or enjoy a convivial cocktail at the bar. 
No matter which river vessel you choose, you will enjoy all the pleasures of a stylish floating hotel, highly personalized service provided by a friendly, bilingual staff; charming, comfortable and well equipped cabins, and splendid, single-seating dining.

Many passengers are new to this river cruising as a vacation choice. Like other overseas vacations, there are many factors to consider before you take a river cruise. Advance knowledge will not only help you prepare for your trip, but maximize your safety and enjoyment.