News Date 10/13/2011
Subject Tourism Ministry seeks Rs 21,500 cr in 12th Plan.
Pitching for a four-fold increase in fund allocation for development of tourism infrastructure, Union Minister Subodh Kant Sahai has sought Rs 21,500 crore in the twelfth five-year Plan. For the development of tourism infrastructure, an amount of Rs 21,500 crore may be allotted in the 12th Plan as against the allocation of Rs 5,156 crore during 11th Plan, Sahai said while addressing the meeting of the Consultative Committee of Parliament attached to the Ministry. As per a PTI report, besides infrastructure development, significant proportion of the estimated outlay is proposed to be allocated for human resource development, capacity building and promotion and publicity for tourism. Sahai said that Planning Commission has also projected a growth rate of 12 per cent for tourism sector during 12th plan. An increase of at least one per cent in country's share in international tourist arrivals has also been projected. While the growth rate is poised to be about 12.38 per cent, the number of foreign tourist arrivals and foreign tourists visit by the end of next plan is estimated to be 11.24 million and 35.96 million respectively. The Minister said the number of domestic tourists visits is projected to be 1451.46 million. He informed the members that foreign exchange earnings from tourism is likely to increase from Rs 64,889 crore in 2010 to Rs 13,4383 crore by the end of 12th Plan. Additional foreign exchange from tourism during 2011-2016 is estimated to Rs 69,494 crore.